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Conrad, this note is from Steve at the Village Sports Den in Salt Lake. I want to thank you for the assistance and patience you have provided in helping us set up the EZYRECON bank reconciliation program. It is exactly what we needed to match our bank activity to our book activity and create an accurate listing of outstanding items. A job which formerly required a good portion of a day now takes only a few minutes. If I have any problems with sending the praises for your product to your website blog, I will let you know. Thanks again for your help.
Please provide us with the new serial number for our product and we look forward to your support in the future. We will mail your payment tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Conrad, just want to THANK YOU for the great software your company has provided. I used to dread the semi-annual bank reconciliation until I found EZY RECON. What use to take more than a week of hard, labor intensive work, can now be accomplished in under an hour tops. I have to be honest though, the program was overwhelming at first and get you frustrated if you don't focus on the instructions (I have to admit, I skipped reading the instructions) but the excellent and personalized tech support from you changed all that, several phone calls later, I finally managed to proceed on my own. After 17 years of manually reconciling in excess of
5,000 checks every 6 months, I wish I have learned of EZY RECON sooner. YOUR NAME SAYS IT ALL ... EZY.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on an excellent piece of work ! I prepare a lot of reconciliations... and it has always been very frustrating to manipulate them. Your program EZYRECON helps a great deal. Thank you. I've recommended it to colleagues as well as buying it myself. Also, fantastically responsive support and help- especially from Conrad.
Anonymous said…
Conrad @ EZY RECON
Simply a great program; this operation has been undergoing multiple changes to bring it into the electronic age and your reconciliation process is the best addition in terms of time saving on tasks that take hours. How ever it was the support from Conrad that made it EZY and fun.
Absolutely a great job! CONRAD!
John F McAndrew
Anonymous said…
Conrad @ EZY RECON
Simply a great program; this operation has been undergoing multiple changes to bring it into the electronic age and your reconciliation process is the best addition in terms of time saving on tasks that take hours. How ever it was the support from Conrad that made it EZY and fun.
Absolutely a great job! CONRAD!
John F McAndrew
Anonymous said…
Conrad, you were very helpful in setting me up to us the program. Once I understood the set-up everything else was a breeze. Now instead of 4 days of manually tying numbers together for all of our restaurants, it takes just 30 minutes. I especially like the fact that I'm not wasting time looking for that final dollar that I'm off when I do it manually. Thank you again for saving me time during my very busy month end.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Conrad for all your help...and much more thank you for your patience...EZY Recon helped us eliminate many prior difference that accumulated over time...

The program is very helpful. Once i understood its mechanism and i had some practice, i felt very confortable with it. It takes me much less time to do the reconciliation and find out what entries need to be correcteded.

I have to mention again that Conrad was very very helpful,with a very proactive attitude and ready for us whenever we needed him.

Thank you again and hope many more users will fell as released as i feel now. :)
Ivy B said…
Conrad's service has been outstanding; he has had his IT guys tweak my version more than several times. It is almost like EZY RECON for Dummies. We process over 15,000 (that is not a typo, fifteen THOUSAND) commission checks each month, many for the same dollar amount. This software is outstanding. I am now waiting for the bank to get their act together on $54,000 in checks that EZY RECON found that the bank cleared but we have no record of --and in a positive pay account. Conrad keeps checking back with me; great customer service. Oh, yes, I read a book while the software and my laptop does all the work in under 3 minutes. Couldn't be happier.
Ivy Danforth, Accounting Manager, Stream Energy -Dallas
Stephen Krum said…
After manually doing the bank reconciliation for over a year using a simple Excel process that I had developed, I decided there had to be an easier way. I also hoped someone had already designed it! My prayers were answered when I found EzyRecon on the internet.

EzyRecon is a simple program the logically and systematically does all the crunching I was doing before. It even has the ability to match two amounts on the book side to one amount on the bank side, or any variation (may be needed when the bank posts credit card payments differently than they are booked).

The software can be run over and over for a period as needed to handle differences. Has the capability to tag (match) amounts manually on the fly.

The reporting is very user-friendly and useful.

As with any software, there is a little learning curve; However, you do not have to spend hours reading a manual - can jump right in - it is a very simple, straight-forward methodology.

The biggest plus is the customer support - they are there to assist at just about any time. I am not just a number once I place my order. Also, the software can be tried out at no cost for a month or two.

All-in-all, a great, simple program that has saved me a ton of time and many headaches!

Thank you EzyRecon!!

Dallas, TX
Anonymous said…
The robust tool that has been developed by Conrad and his colleagues has enabled us to glean significant savings in manpower.

We have re-focused these resources towards the 'management' of this function rather than have them face a large-tedious bank reconciliation monthly using XL.

One thing stands out - the support that the sales team (especially Conrad) provided during this engagement; a process which pushed us to question our own process assumptions and led us to re-define our approaches.

It was a pleasure doing work with you guys!
Conrad said…
I ask the accountant from Human Genome Sciences, Inc., a public company, as a reference. This is her reply

Sure, You can give me as a reference. I will be glad to reference your company and product.

By the way, do you follow our news. Our company became famous since yesterday. Take a look at our stock price from last week to today. Haha....

Oh, it didn't take me long. May be 3 hours to get both of our reconciliations done (including gathering report, tick and tie, printing, and sign off). That is a huge improvement from prior days. Thanks!

Human Genome Sciences Inc.
Tracey Bean, CFO Andersons Liquor Inc. said…
Conrad, your service to get the EZY RECON reconciliation working for our company has been excellent. We have gone from a labour intensive process which took up to 4 days to a process which now takes less than 2 hours. We now can reconcile to the penney over 2000 transactions. It has been easy to incorporate into our existing process, and works very well with the Sage, Simply Accounting software. Reconciling the transactions for our 25 stores has never been easier. Thankyou very much! Sincerely, Tracey Bean, CFO.
Unknown said…
As Controller for a fast paced trucking company, I had been looking for a program like EzyRecon for months. We have seven bank accounts with from 500-2000 transactions each. After one-time setup, EzyRecon finished the reconciliations in under five minutes each. This program is AMAZING and the support is even better if that's possible. I never thought I'd look forward to dong a bank reconciliation, but with EzyRecon, I actually do!

Thanks for all your help Conrad, I have NEVER had better customer service and product support. Your program is the "best of breed" as far as I'm concerned.
Alia Haygood said…
EZY RECON saved my life and many, many hours/days of blood, sweat and tears!!!

You and your company's software is a dream come true!! Where were you like 10 years ago???

My apologies to you in the beginning for being frustrated (didn't read the instructions, YIKES!!!) and taking my frustrations out on you and the program, YET with a tad bit of patience and calm understanding, I'm now whizzing through these recs.

SO CONGRATS on creating a work of art for us Accounting Professionals...

Conrad, you are by and far the best sales rep, tech guru and patient teacher all in one!

I wish you and EZY RECON many years of success!!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this amazing software program. I walked into a company that had not done bank reconciliations for its accounts ever. This program saved me countless hours of work. Conrad is really the supreme customer support specialist. He knows his stuff imparts his vast understanding with empathy and patience.

-Nancy Dong, Spirevision
Anonymous said…
This is a very good program to balance bank statements. It is easy to use and does all your work for you. The service is excellent. Any time I have a problem I can email or call and get quick responses. I highly recommend this for any one who reconciles bank statements.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe I am doing 4 bank account reconciliations in less than 30 minutes. EZYRECON made that all possible! Big big thanks to Conrad for his personalized support in transition and use of this software. This is a great product bundled with great tech support. You will not regret purchasing this product....
Anonymous said…
Thank You Conrad!!! I feel very lucky to have stumbled across your program on the web. EZY RECON has really helped us get our reconciliations on track. The program is very user friendly and most importantly makes sense! I want to thank you Conrad for helping us get everything set up and going. I know we are quite unique and appreciate you and your support with that. Thanks for ALWAYS being there when we need you. My only regret is that we didn't find you sooner!

Thank you for creating simple and EZY-to-use bank reconciliation software! In one particular instance, the software has cut the time spent on reconciling of approximately three hours to about 10 minutes. (The 10 minutes includes exporting and downloading the needed information from our client and minor formatting.) The actual reconciliation only takes about a minute.

We are a public accounting firm that specializes in servicing the Public Housing Industry including Section 8 Voucher programs. Our clients have numerous checks to reconcile each month.

Additionally, we would like to commend you on your excellent customer service. Your responses to our questions and user errors have always been prompt. We encourage all new users of this product to read the instructions thoroughly.
We highly recommend this product for its ease of use and most importantly, the excellent customer support.

Timple Patterson
Senior Accountant
Lloyd & Associates, CPA
Gardendale, AL
EzyRecon said…
Michelle Allard has left a new comment on your post "Comments from users of Ezyrecon bank reconcilation...":

EZYrecon is simply that...-... EZY!!! Plus quick and amazing. As a user of Eclispe/Eterm software, I have struggled for years and knew there had to be a better way for reconciling the bank accounts. I inquired with Tony at Zerion Group and he suggested that I try EZYrecon. WOW!! What a great product and TIME SAVER. Conrad with EZYrecon is the BEST. As with every new venture there were some hurdles to cross and at my age sometimes new hurdles are more like mountains. Conrad was always sooo good to just bring a calming effect to those moments when I would become unsure and remind me that the software is just LOGICAL. If I would stop and think through the issue at hand in a LOGICAL way, the issue could be resolved with ease. Conrad and his team have been AWESOME to work with. Conrad is ALWAYS ready and willing to help with any questions and ALWAYS presented his assistance with a level of calm and patience that I am sure had to be hard to muster at times. EZYrecon is absolutely the best product that I have encountered and the HOURS and HOURS that have been spent over the past few years have just turned into MINUTES per month. I can't thank you enough Conrad for your fantastic product and your fantastic teaching abilities. Simply the BEST!! Thank You AGAIN!!
Anonymous said…
Ezy Recon is a great program that will definitely be a timesaver! We are still in the early stages of implementing the program and still have a few tweaks to work out but the customer support and patience from Conrad have been fantastic! There was a lot of prep work and file re-formatting in the beginning but as with any new software program you need to make your files compatible and it helped us review our internal controls and processes as well. I also found the program overwhelming in the beginning but with a little practice and guidance from Conrad things are getting smoother and I'm very confident it will soon be reconciling our bank 100%, thank you to Conrad and team!

Chantal Hanna, Keyano College
Anonymous said…
We used to do our monthly bank reconciliations via an Excel spreadsheet until we heard about EzyRecon. Wow. What a time saver. Now when the time comes to reconcile the bank statement, EzyRecon has cut the time down from at least 2 full days to less than 1 hour. Conrad is a knowledgeable instructor and VERY patient. He understands the ins and outs of daily businesses and the issues that we have to deal with. The customer support side is great also. If Conrad himself does not answer the phone immediately, he calls back within a few minutes and walks you through the issue at hand. Wish we had that kind of support with all of our programs.
Again, best program ever. Would recommend EzyRecon to everyone.
Thanks CONRAD.

Rose Evjen
Corpus Christi Electric Co.
EzyRecon said…
Thanks for the nice words.
Anonymous said…
We've been using EzyRecon since 2007. This took the burden of manual reconciliations of our back. With every update it cuts our reconciliation time down! What a time saver! The EzyRecon is very detailed and user friendly. We are extremely satisfied with the customer service we receive from Conrad! He's great to work with, and quick an answering any questions we may have. We definitely plan on using EzyRecon well into the future.

Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC
Anonymous said…
We started using EzyRecon a couple of years ago. Admittedly, I was skeptical to try it because I had always reconciled the bank account through a very manual process, even with a spreadsheet. Our CFO was ready to make this process more timely and efficient. We have been pleased with EzyRecon from the get go. A task that used to take me 7-8 hours has now been reduced to less than an hour. Once all the information is provided for the program to work, it's truly just a matter of minutes for the program to complete the reconciliation. I've literally watched the reconciliation complete in 6 minutes. What a time saver! I'm a convert for sure. During all of this, Conrad has been a huge help. He's always been available to answer questions and assist in making changes. Great product and great customer service.

Amanda Armstrong
Villa Lighting Supply
Anonymous said…
We've been using EzyRecon for a couple of years now. Admittedly I was skeptical at first. I was used to reconciling the bank account through a very manual process, even with a spreadsheet. Our CFO was ready to make this process more timely and efficient. Ezyrecon made it happen. A process that used to take me 7-8 hours has been reduced to less than an hour. Once all the information needed for the program to work is in place, it's just a matter of minutes for the reconciliation to happen. I've literally watched the bank reconciliation finish in 6 minutes. What a time saver! Conrad has also been a huge help. He's always available to answer questions and assist with changes. Great program and great customer service.

Amanda Armstrong
Villa Lighting Supply
Anonymous said…
I've been using EzyRecon for a year and it's been pretty great. At my last company, I did the bank reconciliations 100% manually. Having most of the work done for you in just a matter of minutes is fantastic. Conrad has been very patient and so very helpful with my learning process. His help and quick response times have been so very wonderful and greatly appreciated.

I definitely highly recommend EzyRecon for anyone that completes their Bank Reconciliation manually. Being able to spend your time focused on the problem items is a huge time saver.

Sarah Thompson
Edges Electrical Group
Anonymous said…
EzyRecon has sped up our reconciliation process immensely. Moving from a manual process to EzyRecon has allowed us to spend more time concentrating on our business rather than doing bank recs. Conrad is always available and has gone above and beyond. Highly recommend their product.

Tim Caldwell
Winston Water Cooler
Kevin Castelo said…
Conrad and his team were key allies in helping our company improve our reconciliation process. Their knowledge, responsiveness and patience made all the difference. Our company is now in the promised land where reconciliation can be done quickly and efficiently on a monthly basis by using the EZrecon software. Thank you!
Kevin Castelo said…
Conrad and his team were key allies in helping our company improve our reconciliation process. Their knowledge, responsiveness and patience made all the difference. Our company is now in the promised land where reconciliation can be done quickly and efficiently on a monthly basis by using the EZrecon software. Thank you!
Larry McMullin said…
We just completed the bank recon for April 2020. As I look back, it would have taken me DAYS to get the recon done to the level of accuracy the EzyRecon provides. They can provide "to the penny" accuracy in a very short time. We are a medium size wholesale distribution company that has been a client since 2009. Using EzyRecon is one if the best accounting decisions I have made. This may be the best tool I have available. I highly recommend this product. Even better is their level of service. Really, for eleven years this company is incredible.
Anonymous said…
Tim Green
We have been in business for 32 years and have manually reconciled the bank statements every month. I would not usually get a reconciled bank account until the 17th or 25th of the following month. With EzyRecon I can reconcile in just a few minutes after a new month roles over! EzyRecon is a great benefit to us and saves a significant amount of labor too.

Technical support is absolutely outstanding, I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to reconcile quickly.
Ezyrecon said…
Tim thanks for the nice words. We appreciate your honest comment.


Grant Stine said…
We had been reconciling our bank statements by hand for 91 years.
Around a year ago we were introduced to EzyRecon and we are never going back!

The onboarding and ongoing support have truly been second to none. I haven't experience this level of customer service and knowledge anywhere in our industry. The program has reduced our recon from 5 days down to 1. We have multiple bank accounts and have been able to tailor EzyRecon to each accounts nuances. I would recommend EzyRecon to anyone, with minimal training you can cut your reconciliation time significantly. Worth every penny!!

Grant Stine
APSCO Supply
David said…
EzyRecon and Conrad have been a great success here at our company. When I first started at our company we were doing a manual bank rec and it took 3-5 days for the person to do it. With thousands of transactions and little nuances it was very difficult to find a quick way to do it. I knew there had to be a better way. That is when Conrad and EzyRecon came in! After a few rounds of tweaking and learning how to use EzyRecon I was not only able to improve our bank rec, but able to find better ways to do things when making postings in our system. Now it takes me only a day to do the bank rec. EzyRecon is a no brainer for the price and the support that Conrad provides!
EzyRecon said…

Thanks for giving a truthful testimonial.

Unknown said…
Ezyrecon is truly a godsend, a very effective and efficient accounting tool and aptly named. Bank reconciliations can be tedious and test your patience especially when you have multiple bank accounts and a large number of transactions flowing in and out. The process use to take many hours in a given month; time that I truly did not have. Conrad and his team have taking this burden off my hands for three years now. I only wish I found them sooner.

Lisa Clark, CFO
JR Balsan Inc./dba Johnstone Supply
Jesse Novak, CPA said…
Ezyrecon is such a great program and saves my countless manhours preparing reconciliations. I would highly recommend this program for anyone.
Ezyrecon said…

We have been working together for 6 years now. I went to the blogsite but there is no “post a comment” button that I can make a new posting with. I only see the “post a comment” that allows me to comment on other blog posts. Anyway, please just copy and paste this for me:

I have used EZYrecon for 6 years now and will be using it far into the future! I simply download my files into excel, download the bank statement into excel, and hit the “Super Ezy” button! It does the work for you. The program matches book records versus bank records. Make any needed adjusting entries and you are done! This program really is a super time saver. If you want to make your bank reconciliations fast and easy, use EZYrecon.

Thank you!

West Water Supply
Unknown said…
Ezyrecon has been a partner of ours for many years. It continues to deliver substantial time savings month after month. Conrad and his support team are great to work with and they make the set up easy, and are great at making adjustments as your banking and book information changes. It works so well that we have asked Conrad to write us additional software which he has done and which we love. This is a great team to partner with.

Dennis Estes, CFO
Johnstone Supply of Las Vegas
Keren, Blakely Products Account Analyst said…
EzyRecon is simply put...genius!!! What used to take days to reconcile company finances takes 2 minutes. Conrad has so diligently put together this tool to help businesses reconcile finances in an efficient way. EzyRecon took a few months to get in the rhythm and learn how to use the program effectively but what a lifesaver it is. We are confident the finances are accurate down to the penny. We highly recommend to any business. Conrad is patient to teach and quick to respond with support for troubleshooting issues. Thanks, Conrad!
Wanda Lacey, Controller said…
This software is the only program that I have found that can filter and reconcile the 1500 plus monthly transactions that come from our corporate office and 3 distribution centers in a timely manner with complete accuracy. I appreciate the help and guidance that Conrad has given me. Because of this software errors are easily identified and therefore corrected in a timely manner. I am so thankful to have found EzyRecon. I cannot thank Conrad enough for all his support. Cheers Conrad!!!

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