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Great Service

Paul Gardner wrote:
Conrad, thanks so much for your help. I have reviewed your mapping and understand it correctly. The column you set up for book debits makes sense. I have copied the control total pages and will use them going forward. I deleted the old system and used your new version. It runs much faster, saves faster, and I like it. The one question I have, is now that we have a good run on May, can I just keep the system in the Excel folder I am running off without having to change the name of the system each month? I assume that I can keep it as BankReconSD and just name the input files with the correct names and then change the control portion to agee to the new monthly names for that period. So for June, I would use JuneBank2006.xls and Junechecks2006.xls but keep the system as BankReconSD. I hope I don't have to call you too many more times, but thank you for your patience and help. You provided great service!!!Thanks, Steve.