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Did a reconciliation on a year of transactions

We have a customer who did not do their bank reconciliation for a year. At year end, they were cramming to produce their bank reconciliation for the external auditors. The external auditor will not sign on the audit report, unless the Company can reconcile the general account. The Finance Manager was looking for some easy and quick way to reconcile their general account. So, we recommended to him the following:

1) to download from their general ledger the whole year transactions of the bank account to be reconciled.

2) Next, they dowloaded from their bank the last six months of bank transactions, the other six months they copied to Excel from the actual bank statements.

3) Using EzyRecon, we processed and reconciled the whole year of transactions- the whole processing took less than two minutes. Actually, the Finance Officer gave the two files to us to use and took a coffee break. When he returned, he was amazed that it was done. You are done?, is the first question that came…

How to do bank reconciliation in a breeze

Doing Bank Reconciliation in a Breeze

I used to do bank reconciliation manually. We have about 1,200 checks to reconcile in a month. Sometimes, it will take me an hour to reconcile, if I lost continuity of thought in the process. Then, I decided to do a bank reconciliation program. I said to myself that there should be a software out there that can do the process by just giving the book and bank files to use. Unfortunately, I did not find any- most of them requires you to do data entry

So, I did one and called it EzyRecon ( It took me a year to perfect the program for commercial use. The process to reconcile is made up of three (3) steps, as follows:

1) dowload the book file ( book transactions) in a csv or MS Excel file
2) dowload the bank file ( bank transactions) in a csv or MS Excel file.
3) hit the reconcile button, review the 2 column AICPA format bank reconciliation.

As you can see from these steps, you did not do anything except to dowload the files.

The EzyRecon software is witten in Visual Basic, …

I want to help you do your bank reconciliation for free

If you are having a hard time doing your bank reconciliation, let me help you for free. All you need to do is send me your book and bank file in a csv or Excel format. You can delete some information like payee and payor, if you want. Normally, you can download from your accounting software the general ledger for the bank account you are reconciling. Also, you can download from your bank the bank transaction for the period in a csv or MS Excel format. If you can download these two files, your reconcilation is practically done- I guarantee you.

I am in the process of thoroughly testing my software called EzyRecon. In the process, I want to get all kinds of book data from all software out there.

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