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Thanks for your email. I haven't forgotten about you either.

It sounds like your proposed upgrade would be able to handle the situation whereby there is a batch code for A/P checks and a different batch code for payroll checks.

I have another thought, I don't know if you may have considered this involves using the Solver Add-on in Excel. Let's say after running the reconciliation, there are a hundred and fifty reconciling items originating from the books and forty from the bank (just for sake of example) and lets say that you know that most of these book items represent sales (checks and cash) on the books which have been grouped together to make one daily deposit per day to the bank. And let's say that you know that the person compiling the deposits is very accurate but very busy and sometimes she only makes two or three deposits per week and sometimes up to a week late...would it be possible to incorporate the Excel Solver into your program such that i…

Bank Reconciliation demo with City of Hawthorne

Nov 9, 2006 – I met with the accountants from City of Hawthorne, I demonstrated to them that with EzyRecon, they will be able to do their bank reconciliation in minutes. One of their big problem in doing their manual bank reconciliation, is how to find out the other book entries that needs to be adjusted. I showed them during the demo that the system can easily segregate those book entries that are incorrect. I showed them how the system can reconcile using raw data of book and bank files. During the presentation the system was able to reconcile the sample data of 2,000 checks in less than 5 minutes. The system is able to detect those bank checks showing as zero check numbers and misposted check numbers.

Their bank files can be downloaded directly from the bank . However, their general ledger is not yet ready to be downloaded. We are still awaiting from their IT department to make the general ledger as a txt file. I emphasized to them that once their general ledger is downloaded as…