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A comment from an accountant consultant

This is a new customer, a consultant, just signed in for a test a few weeks ago, please read his comment

Thanks. I have our biggest recon almost done, same issue only one check that lists as OS and should be an adjustment. I did have to tag quite a few ACH’s re on book we use several dummy checks to match one bank ACH. Also, when I tagged mismatched totals on purpose to force a diff, it seemed to throw the whole thing out of balance so I started over a few times. Have it down pretty well now and love it- you’ve done an amazing job of trying to cover all the different variables and I know it’s next to impossible. I’m looking forward to talking to Agustin and will email and/or call you later. I’ll show the big recon to our GM when I’ve tested it and know it will recomputed in a couple minutes. What I might do is figure out a way to buy it directly from you (for my consulting business), then have (my client) buy it from me as my first customer under our new agreement ( when we have it in…

56,000 checks to reconcile

This customer, type an amount on the date column on the book data. This error created an overflow error. She requested help from us. She reconciles about 56,000 checks. After a careful review we noted that the error was on her book data. An amount was entered on a date column. We pointed the error to her and ask her to re-run the program. We checked with her to make sure it is ok. This is her reply

To: "Conrad Natac" Date: Friday, August 21, 2009, 10:04 AM

It worked!! Thanks and don’t work too much.

Accounting Manager
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