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An appreciation for the design

Hi Conrad!

Thanks for sending the latest version... I certainly appreciate it!

My day has turned into a very hectic chance, would you available to speak on Sunday, May 21st? I'm coming into the office then, and would have more time available to speak... If you're not available on Sunday, I certainly understand, and I'll just call you on Monday ...

In the meantime, I have a couple questions ...

My company has a very unique and complex bank reconciliation process...due to sweep accounts (all our accounts, except for our operating and line of credit account, are $0.00 balance accounts)...our operating account funds 2 separate disbursement accounts, and we have a daily sweep to our line of credit account from our operating account ... we also have inter-company accounts and a main lockbox account, along with 4 subsidiary lockboxes (our incoming deposits post to these)... so, setting up a bank reconciliation process using your program would take a great deal of analysi…

Comments from users of Ezyrecon bank reconcilation (

Conrad, this note is from Steve at the Village Sports Den in Salt Lake. I want to thank you for the assistance and patience you have provided in helping us set up the EZYRECON bank reconciliation program. It is exactly what we needed to match our bank activity to our book activity and create an accurate listing of outstanding items. A job which formerly required a good portion of a day now takes only a few minutes. If I have any problems with sending the praises for your product to your website blog, I will let you know. Thanks again for your help.
Please provide us with the new serial number for our product and we look forward to your support in the future. We will mail your payment tomorrow.