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Ezyrecon Bank Reconciliation Overview

Ezyrecon can

1a). Reconcile from the general ledger or control account. The system can accept additional file to support some of the lump sum entries in the ledger for deposits and disbursements. For example, in the payroll account, the entry may be for the total net payroll only. This entry is supported by another spreadsheet coming from the payroll provider. So, the disbursement in the book is supported by a check register coming from another source (e.g. ADP Payroll register). This is acceptable for Ezyrecon. You can have support files that are outside of your accounting system.

1b. Prepare the final report, the AICPA suggested two column bank reconciliation, from unadjusted to reconciled book and bank balances. This report is on the tab called "Main". All supporting working papers for the reconciliation can be printed on the fly.

1c. Comply to Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which is mandatory for publicly listed companies. There is an adequate audit trail to support all the reconcilin…