An appreciation for the design

Hi Conrad!

Thanks for sending the latest version... I certainly appreciate it!

My day has turned into a very hectic chance, would you available to speak on Sunday, May 21st? I'm coming into the office then, and would have more time available to speak... If you're not available on Sunday, I certainly understand, and I'll just call you on Monday ...

In the meantime, I have a couple questions ...

My company has a very unique and complex bank reconciliation process...due to sweep accounts (all our accounts, except for our operating and line of credit account, are $0.00 balance accounts)...our operating account funds 2 separate disbursement accounts, and we have a daily sweep to our line of credit account from our operating account ... we also have inter-company accounts and a main lockbox account, along with 4 subsidiary lockboxes (our incoming deposits post to these)... so, setting up a bank reconciliation process using your program would take a great deal of analysis on my part...and, would take a bit of time... but, I'm hoping (and praying) I could make it work ...

my question to you is this ... until such time I could set this up, does your program allow for just doing a check reconciliation...meaning downloading a "checks written" file, and a "checks cleared" file, and producing an "oustanding check list"...although this is not a full bank reconciliation process, it would significantly improve our current process...

Your program is exactly what I've been searching for ...using raw data and downloading the files...I applaud the concept and design of your product! KUDOS!

By the way, why is the macro "disabled"...I'm just curious...

And, did you personally design and code this program? I'm just curious (again) whether you could perhaps customize this program for us (if needed)... and, what you would charge?

Thanks again!



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