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This customer was behind on his reconciliation. His last recon was in June. So, using EzyRecon we started his July- we helped him set up all the parameters in July. Then, we left him to do the August on his own. Later, we asked him, if he was able to do the September too. Apparently, he did not only do, September on his own but rolled it to November too. Down below is his reply. One note, the EzyRecon will work in Vista, you just need to change the security settings in Office 2007.

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Yes, I was able to do it; in fact right thru November. In working with the program( I was at home) it does not function on Vista; no problem, I put it on my Laptop ( XP) and rolled along. When you finish a month and initialize for the subsequent month it retains the old bank and book files which was problematic at first until I remembered your instructions on removing them. I didn’t see anything in the instructions on this. Absolutely a great program!!! Let me know if you have any other time savers or if you update EZY RECON.
Thanks again

John F McAndrew


EzyRecon said…
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Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 12:13 PM
To: McAndrew, John
Subject: How long did it take to roll all 3 months?

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to roll all 3 months?

Or maybe what is your average time?



I am slow and methodical: Gathering data and making sure it is in the right format ½ each month(bank & book), 5 minutes to input the control totals in the program & 2 minutes for the program to do its thing. Maybe another 15 minutes printing out reports and saving data.

John F McAndrew


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EzyRecon said…
FYI Conrad I forwarded your contact information to our auditors and highly recommended you for their clients.

Constandinos Saketos
Accounting Manager, A.V.P.
Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ, Inc.
Leanna said…
Good post.

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